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Relevance In Changing Times

I always enjoy getting comments and feedback from readers of Boyle McCauley News who reside in other places of the city. We have a loyal following who keep up with the paper through our website and social media. Like most media outlets, our online presence has expanded over the years, opening us up a new readership.

But even the print issue proves to have a far reach. I recall receiving a phone call from someone in Spruce Grove, who happened upon a paper and had a question about something pertaining to one of the articles. A former volunteer who moved to another part of the city contacted me recently, excited to have seen a copy of the paper someone had left behind in a fast food restaurant in the west end.

Community newspapers are more important than ever. With many media companies cutting staff down to barely a skeleton crew, there ends up with limited coverage from limited perspectives. A publication that is hyperlocal – specific to a limited geographic area – is still relevant to people who seek to get to know the city and all of its hidden gems.

While the means by which many people get their news is digital, there is still a demand to hold a printed publication and flipping through its contents. We will continue to adapt to changing times while respecting the printed word. After all, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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