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Riding the Brain Train

Ian standing beside the “Brain Train.” Supplied

The most memorable summer of my life is when I embarked on the historic “Brain Train,” crossing a large portion of this beautiful country of Canada.

After my health setback it was hard to fathom I could achieve this! I was awarded the trip by the one and only Justin Trudeau and embarked from Vancouver all the way to Montreal, speaking on the concerns and outcomes of brain injury. The highlight was being able to actually speak in the House of Commons in Ottawa (coincidentally, the city of my birth).

Travelling by train is like a metaphor of my journey dealing with an acquired brain injury. It is a long journey, but on the right track!

The scenery in Canada is nothing short of spectacular. Every day I was in awe of what a beautiful nation I was born in! Meeting people from other nations that were also awestruck by Canada’s scenery was fascinating.

More of my journey and highlights can be found on my website ( but the opportunity I was able to achieve this is etched in my mind forever.

Canada is truly a wonder of the world!

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