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Soccer in McCauley

Tailgate BBQ following a soccer game. Grace Kuipers

On Sunday, April 26, our U14 McCauley Dragons got their season off to an early start with a friendly match against one of the U14 Extreme (Club) teams. The game was played on Foote Field’s artificial turf at the University of Alberta. It was a sunny but windy morning, and a close match.

Then, after the game, the McCauley Dragons’ parents hosted a tailgate BBQ for both teams in the parking lot. I was happy to see the kids chatting together and enjoying food together after a dueling match. Special thanks to Dean Lieu and Saul Campos-Sanchez for organizing the party and cooking up the grub on the Q. Also thanks to Wayne for the Tim Horton’s coffee.

The soccer season will be well under way by the time you read this. For families with more than one child in soccer, it’s a four day a week schedule, sometimes five, and games starting as early as 6 p.m. and ending as late as 9 p.m. with the bigger kids. The only time parents get a chance to “catch their breath” from the fast and furious pace of the outdoor season is when it rains, or snows as it did in the first week of May. On most nights parents are hustling kids out the door for an early game after a quick bite to eat, then looking for the missing shin-pad or sock, drying a pair of shorts out the window while picking up kids who need a ride along the way. Yes, we love it: the chatter in the vehicle of excited kids before the game, getting out in the spring air that is sometimes a little too cool, watching the kids play whether they win or lose, chatting with other parents . . . we love it all!

You may have noticed that our teams are playing in Sacred Heart Park this year, the park next to Sacred Heart Church. Thanks to the efforts of Karen Kennedy and EMSA North, we were able to use this field since Giovanni has been booked off because of activities associated with the FIFA Woman’s World Cup. We are grateful for the alternative that allows our kids to play their home games in McCauley.

If you are interested in getting involved in the soccer program, I am still looking for an assistant director, to help me with all the details of keeping the program moving and running smoothly. There is always lots of administrative type details that need to be looked after, Kidsport applications that need to be looked over and sent, pictures to schedule, and a year-end party to plan, directors meetings to attend, and it would be great to have someone to help. Call me, Grace, at (780) 421-4363.

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