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Summer in McCauley

There are so many great things to do in our section of the city that it is hard to nail down one thing I like the best. I remember one year training myself up to being able to ride my bike long distance and going from my home on 93 Street all the way to Namao then across to St. Albert and back through Edmonton. I was exhausted, but left with a real sense of having accomplished something worthwhile.

The next thing I like to do a lot is to go to all the great garage sales we have in our area. The best one of course is the one often put on by Sacred Heart Church, where everything is a quarter. I have found some great summer reads there and recently picked up a desk lamp that is a perfect addition to my room. There have also been times when I have picked up some deals that are so good that I can resell some of the items at a profit or even make gifts out of them. Not long ago I was a vendor at a flea market and a good portion of my inventory came from some of the many great garage sales we have around the Boyle Street and McCauley area.

But I suppose if I had to pick just one thing I like about summer in McCauley, it would have to be just wandering the neighbourhood with a camera. There are so many great things to photograph, from the old churches that line 96 Street to the many beautiful gardens around the area. Even just looking out my window at the beautiful tree-lined street I want to pick up my camera and go exploring.

McCauley has so much greenery and open spaces that literally come alive each summer, and the people who live here seem to care so much not only about their neighbours, but about the image that their homes present to others. I suppose a lot of that comes from our rich heritage that carries through to all of the people that live here. After an unusually long winter it is so nice to see the neighbourhood come alive with flowers, with outdoor events like the Heart of the City Festival, and even just the beautiful green grass and trees. I am proud to call the Boyle Street and McCauley area home, and summer is the best time to live here.

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