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True Friends of McCauley

City Honours Residents, Business People, Clergy, and Agencies/Non-Profits

McCauley residents who received Gold awards. Leif Gregersen

The definition of a “True Friend of McCauley” is someone who sees the challenges we face here and loves the neighbourhood, nonetheless. People like Teresa Spinelli and Tony Pino who grew up in this community, and live here and are raising their families here while building prosperous businesses, and giving wherever and whenever they can to the neighborhood. Like Nhan Lu, who has raised her family here while running the Pacific Cafe. And, people like Ken Bregenser and Miranda Ringma, who enriched life for members of Inn Roads Housing Co-op prior to buying their store, Zocalo. Now they enrich many more lives throughout our city with their hard work, care, and concern for McCauley.

These are just a few of the people and businesses honoured by the City of Edmonton/McCauley Revitalization at the True Friends of McCauley awards banquet on May 30 at the Italian Canadian Seniors Centre. Recipients were chosen by the City from nominations by community members.

Three pastors were honoured: for service over 20 years, Fr. Jim Holland; for service 10 to 20 years, Pastor Ray Baillie from Family Worship Centre; and, for service up to 10 years, Pastor Carl Gustav from Ansgar Lutheran Church. These men work tirelessly to improve the lives of people who live here in McCauley. They are well known and respected members of our community.

Several people who work in McCauley, who go above and beyond what is expected, were honoured. McCauley is rich in that we have people come into our community every day to work to help others. The Multicultural Health Brokers, E4C, and not-for-profits such as Boyle McCauley News contribute to this richness. Paula Kirman, Editor of BMC News was one of the honourees, as was David Prodan from McCauley Apartments (E4C).

Many people honoured that evening were the kind of people who see something needs to be done, and they do it. People like Kate Quinn, who was a founder of this paper, a founder of the John School, and a founder (and now Executive Director) of the Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation (CEASE). Rosalie Gelderman, who volunteers everywhere in the neighbourhood (and beyond), presently sitting on the Revitalization Committee, the Community League Board, is one of the founders of Inn Roads Housing Co-op, and a carrier for the paper, as well as the paper’s bookkeeper. Bob McKeon, Professor Emeritus from Newman College, who still delivers the BMC News, and sits on the finance committee and is a founder of Inn Roads Housing Co-op, is active in his church and is always looking for ways to improve the place where he lives. All of these people have given over 35 years of their lives in volunteering to McCauley.

The connectedness of people in the community is what makes this neighbourhood as special as it is. For many people on May 30 it was an opportunity to connect with old friends. People who worked together building school playgrounds, and the playground at Giovanni Caboto Park, reconnected. Many people with grey hair talked about coaching soccer for their kids, connecting once again with other parents. These people are still serving on other boards, such as the community league, Friends of Church Street, BMC News, the Bissell Centre, and Boyle McCauley Health Centre. Jenny Malanchuk moved into McCauley in the early 1950s and raised her family here. She has been an integral person at her church, and is STILL volunteering here with McCauley Revitalization.

The honours were awarded to people based upon their length of service and handed out by Ward 6 City Councillor Scott McKeen. Gold pins were for over 20 years, Silver for over 10 years, and Bronze for up to 10 years.

It has been an honour to volunteer in McCauley and to meet these people who were honoured that night. I am reminded of a song – the theme to the Golden Girls: “Thank you for being a friend!”

List of Recipients for 2015:

Joanne McNeal
Todd Janes
Mike Van Voom
Heather Van Boom
Christine Chomiak

Colleen Chapman
Grace Kuipers
Wesley May
Michelle Cumming
Don Nikiforuk

Bob McKeon
Rosalie Gelderman
Kate Quinn
John Kolkman
Phil O’Hara
Mary Gallivan
Larry Brockman
Betti Brockman
Nhan Lu
Shauna Forsyth
Rina Spinelli
Dan Glugosh
Lucy Tse
Gary Garrison
John Gee
Jenny Malanchuk
Teresa Spinelli

Business Owners
E3 Architects/Studio 96 – Ernst Von Meijenseldt, Eugene Silva, and Diana Harrison
Zen Sushi – Henry Mah
Best of Africa – Bola Fadeyi

Zocalo – Ken Bregenser and Miranda Ringma
Brew for Less – Tony and Peter Pino
Viphalay – Lily Mounma, Nikola Syhatheb

Italian Centre Shop Ltd. – Teresa Spinelli
Kim Fat Grocery – Phong Luu
Luck 97 – Ba Tan Nguyen
Pacific Cafe – Nhan Lu

Faith Leaders
Pastor Carl Gustav

Pastor Ray Baillie

Father Jim Holland

Agencies and Not-for-Profits
Dino Esposito
Mike Johnson
Debbie Reid
Ben Weinlick
Sharon Yeo
Maria Chau
Roxanne Yip

Yvonne Chui
Paula Kirman
Vikki Wiercinski
David Prodan
Fracesco Sorgiovanni

Lucy Tse
Maria Mauro
Linda Wedman

Honouring a Special McCauley Person
Sherry McKibben

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