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Viphalay Returns!

A delicious feast at Viphalay. Paula E. Kirman

10724 95 Street
(780) 423-3213

Lovers of Thai food were saddened when Viphalay’s original location closed last year. If we wanted to enjoy the restaurant’s delectable food, we had to travel a bit out of the neighbourhood to their second location at 10523 99 Avenue.

However, fans of Viphalay can return to their original stomping grounds as it re-opened in late 2012. The dining area is still beautiful. The service is still friendly and efficient. And, best of all, the food is still delicious.

I went here most recently to have supper with Colleen, our co-Volunteer Coordinator. We decided we would share two dishes. First, we had to have Pad Thai. Viphalay has the best Pad Thai in Edmonton – hands down. The noodles are incredibly flavourful, the tofu and chicken abundant, and the portion gigantic.

We also shared the roasted half chicken. The chicken was so well cooked that it was literally falling off the bones. We almost did not even have to use our knives. The chicken was cut up in very convenient small pieces, making consuming it not awkward at all.

As beverages, Colleen had the Thai iced coffee and I had Thai iced tea. The coffee was very much like Vietnamese coffee, but served already mixed in with the condensed milk. My tea was equally decadent, with red tea turning orange in its thick, creamy base.

Our meal was around $45 for the both of us, including the tip. It is quite an upscale place but you do get good value for the money. Here is hoping this location stays open permanently!

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