We need to embrace positive leadership

After reading the letter by Todd Janes in the February issue, I felt compelled to add some personal comments and observations. I want to acknowledge that Todd Janes is a McCauley resident who has been working through the Revitalization Committee to bring about a stronger sense of community. In my interactions with him, I’ve seen a strong commitment and an accurate knowledge of the needs of the residents. Todd is not only working with the Revitalization Committee but also acts like an activist with an aim to make changes for the good of the people in the community. The Italian Youth Association of Edmonton appreciates people like Todd, who are reasonable, realistic, and honest. He demonstrates ethical and effective leadership.

In contrast, our Association has had limited contact with the community league. The only interaction with the community league was at their request to have a booth at our festival to get exposure. To my knowledge, there has been no such reciprocation from them in the means of mentioning our events at their functions. Why is it this way?

I grew up in McCauley. I was taught to be respectful of others. My interactions with people in the community demonstrated to me that they were caring and compassionate. They welcomed everyone regardless of race, color, sex, religion, or socioeconomic background. People in McCauley have a reputation for being generous.

It is unfortunate that the board members of the McCauley community league are comprised of what appears to be a few self- serving individuals who appear to be using their position of power in negative ways. They are not representing the real community, the community I know and care about. The board members need to be proactive and to recruit more reasonable people in a leadership position. The current ongoing rants and negative behaviour of board member waste time and energy. They also represent the real McCauley community in a very poor light.

We should be embracing the positive leadership that is being referred to by Todd Janes. Dwelling on the negative is not going to serve McCauley in any productive manner.

I also wish to bring to your attention that the community league has placed our Frostival events on their website without permission which makes it appear like they are taking credit for winter programs they have nothing to do with. The Italian Youth Association of Edmonton has done the grants and organized activities for Frostival for the past three years. We have had no support or contact from the Community League. This is one example of what I am referring to in my comments above. I find that this seems to be the type of leadership that is condoned by the Community League. It is not a question of credit, but courtesy and respect.

I am encouraging the residents of McCauley to step forward and help support Revitalization and people like Todd Janes. The McCauley community can have a strong board on the McCauley Community League. We can do better. You can help by attending the AGM on March 20.

_- Francesco Sorgiovanni
President, Italian Youth Association_

Editor’s Note: After the print version of the March issue came out, the McCauley Community League announced on their Facebook page that the date of their AGM has changed to March 23 at 10 a.m.

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