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Dining Out

  • A Mountain of Food

    Garden Bakery offers much more than baked goods.

  • A Super Lunch Deal

    The Wokkery has one of the best lunch deals in the area.

  • A Filipino Food Adventure

    A family-run Filipino restaurant with authentic food, great prices, and a friendly atmosphere.

  • Viphalay Returns!

    Beloved Thai restaurant Viphalay is open again!

  • Pho Warms Up a Cold Day

    Golden Orchid is the latest restaurant on the pho scene in Chinatown.

  • A Tasty Trip to Vietnam

    Gary thought this was a new restaurant in the area, but even though it isn’t, enjoyed the great food and prices.

  • A Lesson in Korean Food

    Won Jung Gak has excellent Korean food – and I learned a thing or two while there!

  • Fast Food With History

    The Burger Baron on 95 Street has a lot of history – and a lot of delicious, greasy food.

  • Old Meets New at Santo‚Äôs

    A review of the new food at the new Santo’s.

  • Ho Restaurant

    A new Vietnamese noodle house in an old location has new life and great flavour.

  • Boba Island

    There is a new place for bubble tea in the area – and it is fantastic!

  • Kafana

    Same restaurant, new name – Kafana serves up delicious Balkan fare.

  • Veggie Garden Restaurant

    A new vegetarian restaurant in Chinatown, with a heart for the community.

  • Meguro Ramen

    There is another place in the city to get your ramen fix, and it is in Chinatown.

  • Early Bird Cafe

    Get your breakfast and lunch on at Early Bird.

  • Mamenche’s

    A review of the new Salvadoran restaurant in the former location of Los Comales.

  • Crystal BBQ Noodle House

    Dining at Crystal BBQ Noodle House was an exercise in disappointment.

  • Abyssinia

    Abyssinia is the newest African restaurant, taking over a spot from another popular Ethiopian eatery.

  • Kaffa Cafe and Dessert

    Although the location and looks of the place initially put me off, Kaffa Cafe has excellent food at reasonable prices.

  • Nhon Hoa Sandwich Bar

    When is a sandwich more than just a sandwich? When it is served at Nhon Hoa!

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