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Dining Out

  • Abyssinia

    Abyssinia is the newest African restaurant, taking over a spot from another popular Ethiopian eatery.

  • Kaffa Cafe and Dessert

    Although the location and looks of the place initially put me off, Kaffa Cafe has excellent food at reasonable prices.

  • Nhon Hoa Sandwich Bar

    When is a sandwich more than just a sandwich? When it is served at Nhon Hoa!

  • Pacific Cafe

    A review of Pacific Cafe, where the delicious pho is flowing.

  • Euro Taste Bar and Grill

    The restaurant is Serbian, and offers traditional Balkan dishes.

  • Xu Hue

    My bowl was flavourful from start to finish, and the meat just kept popping up amidst the plentiful noodles. We left Xu Hue full, happy, and looking forward to another visit.

  • Viet Huong

    Viet Huong recently moved into the Chinatown area from just up 107 Avenue. It took over the space from the former Hoang Long. Little has changed on the interior, except for the addition of a large fish tank.

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