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A Volunteer with Family Ties

Class photo from Assumption Convent School, 1954-55. Supplied

We are beginning to acknowledge the generational connections of our volunteers. Our first person is Michelle Cumming who has been a volunteer for Boyle McCauley News for around 15 years.

Michelle’s grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Steeples, and their daughters lived in McCauley from 1953 until the 1970s and her mother attended Assumption Convent School on 97 Street. The Excel Society inhabits that space now. It was previously King’s College and prior to that it was the Assumption Campus of Grant McEwan Community College, which this writer attended 1974.

Michelle took photos of two houses in which her grandparents lived as they are today. If one looks at the photo of 10935 – 97 Street, one can see the same architectural designs all over our neighbourhood.

She is a recent recipient of a True Friends of McCauley award, and has been a valued volunteer for the newspaper, the S.P.C.A., the Heart of the City, the Capital City Clean Up, the yearly McCauley Clean Up, and Inn Roads Housing Cooperative.

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