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Building on Beauty

As summer rolls forward, it seems our whole city runs strong with non-stop activity and festivals. Our neighbourhood certainly booms with activity for several months, without letting up. June saw the final weeks of our soccer program, the Heart of the City Festival, the EFCL showcase, the McCauley Clean Up, Free Footie, the start of FIFA, and the Kick it Up! event.

Many thanks are in order to everyone who brought leadership, energy, and life to these events. The League would especially like to thank the following key people for all their hard work: Mike Siek and the HOTC Board and volunteers for their hard work on the Heart of the City Festival, and David Prodan, staff and residents of McCauley Apartments for the McCauley Clean Up. Huge thanks to Grace Kuipers and her crew of volunteers for another year of kids’ soccer. For Kick it Up! the League is deeply grateful for the work of our recreation committee and to our partner businesses and organizations that helped make this such a great event.

Coming up this summer, the Green Shack program will be hosting fun for children in our park every week. So, bring your kids and come on down to Giovanni Caboto park from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall of each year, the League will be organizing an occasional cleanup of the Natural Garden at the corner of 94 street and 109A Avenue. If you’d like to be on our volunteer list for that, drop us a note on Facebook, or send us an email. The League, in partnership with Revitalization, has also started the process of applying for a neighbouring program called Abundant Communities. If you are passionate about helping build community and being a good neighbour, consider joining us on that journey. There will be lots of room for creativity and meeting new neighbours, so come join the fun!

In a few weeks, the MCL is hosting a community conversation on housing, so mark your calendars! We plan to gather at Sacred Heart Church on Monday, July 27, starting at 7 p.m. Here’s a little background. Almost three years ago now, five core neighbourhoods won a moratorium from the City on Social Housing. Coming up this November, that moratorium is coming to an end. For the last several months, a city team called Realizing Housing Potential has been meeting with each of the core neighbourhoods to develop roadmaps for housing that they will be recommending to City Council as next steps following the moratorium. Members of the League and numerous other McCauley neighbours have been part of those meetings, but now as the report moves forward, the League believes it important for us to think together on housing. We hope to see you there.

Here are a few fall dates to put on your radar. The EDLC Labour Day BBQ will be coming to our Park this summer, and September 19 is Community League Day, so MCL will be hosting some kind of party in the park. Watch your mailboxes for details as the summer comes to a close!

If you’d like to connect with the League to volunteer or share your perspective on something, here’s how you contact us. Our website is Or, you can email us at We also have a pretty active Facebook site, so look us up on there if you haven’t already. If you’d prefer a more personal engagement, you can also stop by and visit us at our board meetings. We meet the first Tuesday of every month from 7-10 p.m. at the Boys and Girls Club. Join us as we build on all that is beautiful in our neighbourhood!

Mike is the President of the McCauley Community League.

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