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Meguro Ramen

A bowl of vegetarian ramen. Paula E. Kirman

10626 97 Street
(780) 497-8280

There seems to be a plethora of pho shops in Edmonton – ramen, not so much. Meguro Ramen is the latest addition to the city’s ramen scene, offering about a dozen different bowls of the Japanese noodle soup often associated with instant bowls and packages consumed by hungry students. Real ramen is completely different. The firm, curly noodles are bathed in a light broth, and topped with numerous items from meats to veggies.

I opted for a vegetarian bowl of ramen, which was covered in vegetables, tofu, sheets of seaweed, and veggie ham. The flavours worked together nicely and the portion was substantial. At only $8, it is still a meal someone on a budget can likely afford. It also appeared to be the only vegetarian option on the menu.

Most of the other kinds of ramen available feature pork, as well as different broths and accompaniments. It would be helpful if the menu had explanations of some of the terminology (for example, the pork is referred to as “Chashu” which is a word not likely everyone would know). There are a couple of rice bowls and a number of appetizers.

Meguro Ramen is located in what was Padmanadi’s first location. The area is still spacious and bright, although the decor has been redone to reflect a Japanese theme. The washrooms are also very nicely redone.

I enjoyed my bowl of soup at Megura Ramen and would head there again for it, if the craving overtook me.

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