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New Website Offers Free Money and Menu Advice

A new website features free books to help with issues relating to managing money and menus.

Money2eat4life is the online, revised edition of How to Eat Well and Live Comfortably, Even When You’re Broke! which was featured in the November 2014 issue of this paper and was written by a former McCauley resident known as Andy B. It is a short, easy to read, step-by-step guide to create and maintain your own financial (and food) budgets, with hundreds of simple, free or cheap, and immediate ways to cut costs in every possible aspect of planning, shopping, cooking, and storage techniques. It includes examples of budgets, meal menus, shopping lists, and more!

“Awesome Adjustable Meals-Quick, Cheap and Easy” is a book of favourite recipes, with detailed instructions, (including how to modify for any diet needs), measuring conversion chart, and tons of shortcuts on all things food related.

Check out for these free PDF books and more, to help you make your life easier, meet your basic needs, eat better, reduce stress, and focus on your future, regardless of your current situation.

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