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Soccer Urgently Needs Your Help

Volunteers and coaches are needed for the program to continue.

A lively soccer game in Caboto Park. Paula E. Kirman

The McCauley Community League (and community in general) is experiencing a great loss with Grace Kuipers stepping down from her role as Soccer Director. As a board member, I want to say thank you to her and her family for their many years of dedication and service in their roles as volunteers and participants with our Community League Soccer Program. Our current soccer program is reflective of the time, effort, and expertise they have so graciously shared with us.

I find myself in a bit of a quandary for the spring and summer of this year. As an active board member on the McCauley Community League, my time is split and focused in so many directions: the Rink, Soccer, Dance, Commonwealth Access program, 2013 Casino fundraiser, membership drives, Block to Block, the new Fall Family Fair in September 2013 – the list sometimes feels endless. Yet, I know that for me and my family, Community League Soccer is an affordable and enjoyable way to welcome spring and start summer.

As of right now, I will be serving as the interim Soccer Director for the 2013 play season. Registration will be held on February 27 & March 6 at the Boys and Girls Club. Check out our Facebook page (McCauley Community League), or our website at for more information. If you need to, you can email me directly at:, or leave a message for me at the League office: (780) 428-5332.

However, parents of soccer players from the McCauley teams (whether you live in our boundaries or not), please note: we are URGENTLY in need of volunteers and coaches. Without some new volunteers, I do not know if we can continue to run this program. Grace has written many articles for Boyle McCauley News over the years talking about what an amazing opportunity the Soccer program is, both for her family and as a way to make a difference for others. Be the change you want to see in the world: join us in continuing to grow and develop the soccer program.

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