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The Short Season of Summer

When seasons change, so does the potential for renewal and rebirth. Spring is often associated with new beginnings. If this is true, then summer is the natural extension. The buds on the trees have finished blooming, the grass is green, and the scent of flowers permeates the air. Summer is the time to enjoy the city’s fleeting moments of sunshine and warm weather.

Edmonton is indeed a “winter city” because of our northern altitude. However, it comes alive in the summer because everyone is so eager to take advantage of a season that seems so short compared to winter. Every weekend and even many weekdays are filled with festivals and activities to the point that it is nearly impossible to take everything in.

Supposedly, every season has the same number of days, but the way this plays out in reality is very different. Winter seems longer when it snows in May. Autumn seems short when it snows in October. When one factors in all of the rain and wind we lately get between June and September, it can feel like summer never really arrives.

But then there are those days of long hours of sunshine, high temperatures, and non-stop activities. I think many of us appreciate those kinds of days because they seem so rare. I also wonder if people in warmer climates would ever appreciate cold, snowy days in the same way or quickly tire of the novelty. Around here, the warmth of summer is less of a novelty and more of a welcome oasis.

Long summer days don’t make life perfect, but they help. When the temperatures drop and the white stuff starts falling from the sky again, I always look back to my memories of summer to tide me over until it returns.

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