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Touched By the Arts

To say that the arts have been part of my life forever is no exaggeration. When I reflect upon my experiences, I find that I often go from audience to creator. I started out listening to music all the time, and this led to a desire to learn how to play musical instruments and write songs. I watch documentary films, and decided to pick up a video camera and start making films of my own. I read and I write. I look at pictures and I take them. I think you get the idea.

This doesn’t mean that everyone has to become a maker in order to express themselves. I know many people for whom going to the theatre, or opera, or concerts are important aspects of their lives, but they would never dare sing (at least in front of an audience). There are people who love to read but for whom writing is not a pleasurable activity.

However, the arts are still rich and vibrant parts of these people’s lives. Enjoying music and theatre and literature can be therapeutic and relaxing. Trying to create something can be frustrating and stressful. I remember the early days when I was learning how to do video editing. Now it is second nature to me, but believe me when I say many a nasty word were mumbled beneath my breath. I still find it a lot of work, but the end result is worth it.

Still, when some people find a creative outlet they enjoy, it opens up worlds of possibilities and improves their mental health. I once read that it is hard not to be happy when you’re singing. I think it’s hard not to be happy when you’re doing something you enjoy, no matter what it is.

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