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McCauley Musings

  • Generational Momentum

    There is a baby boom in Boyle Street and McCauley, and that can only be a good thing!

  • Businesses Build Community

    Businesses are central to the future of Boyle Street and McCauley.

  • Art in the Heart

    Boyle Street and McCauley are neighbourhoods with a lot of heart – and art!

  • The Folly of Valentine’s Day

    Love is so much more than a commercialized holiday.

  • The Best and Worst of Times

    It is the winter holiday time once again. A time of food, family, gifts, and celebrations, for some at least who are fortunate enough to have loved ones with whom to celebrate and a budget with which to buy gifts and food.

  • Reflecting on Remembrance

    Reflections on grief and remembering loved ones.

  • School of Life

    Life itself can sometimes be the best teacher, and train us to be teachers as well.

  • Eating Towards Unity

    Food and cultural unity can go hand and hand.

  • Summer Business

    We’re having some family picnics, and not having an AGM (until the fall). In the meantime, much is going on.

  • Warm Thoughts

    McCauley and Boyle Street have lots of positive things going on. It’s a shame the mainstream media doesn’t pay more attention.

  • Find Your Inner Athlete

    If you are the sort who has never been picked first for the team, you may relate to this month’s editorial.

  • Pets and Responsibility

    Having a pet means taking on a huge responsibility.

  • Reasons to Green

    Several people I know are making sarcastic comments about the winter we had. In fact, at the time of my writing this editorial, Edmonton is still in the midst of one of the worst winters of the past 20 years both in terms of cold temperatures and the vast amounts of snow.

  • About Activism

    When it comes to activism, we have to look no further than our area here in Boyle Street and McCauley to see passion on matters of social justice on a regular basis.

  • Winter Escapes

    Some people are fortunate enough to have means by which to travel to a warmer climate. However, except for the snow birds who live elsewhere four or five months a year, when the vacation ends you’re back in the snow and subzero temperatures, albeit with a suntan.

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